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Simbiotika was born in 2016 when two wellbeing aficionados, Michelle Clarke and Tricia Fernandes decided it was time to team up and share their knowledge and experience of health and wellbeing with the world. Since then they've hosted their first event, Holistic City bringing together some of the most diverse names in the health and wellbeing arena, exhibited at wellbeing events throughout London and the South East, and found their first home at St Luke's Community Centre in Central London. For Simbiotika wellbeing isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle and they pride themselves on investigating and experiencing as many different wellbeing techniques and practices as they can, so that they're able to offer our clients the services that best meet their needs. 


Our current services include: Reiki Seichem, Transformational Coaching, Nutrition Consultancy, Crystal Healing, Intuitive Readings (Tarot, Oracle, Angel Cards & Psychic Medium) and Spiritual Guidance.  We also offer a range of Wellbeing Workshops, see our Events page for details.

Michelle Clarke

Hippy Chick

Musical Goddess

Crystal Gazer

It’s hard to pinpoint when Michelle’s love for all things weird and wonderful started because, well it’s always just been there. An integral part of her very being. From the moment she was born, her warrior spirit was tested soon after she took her first breath, and there were several more battles for her to contend with as she grew. Her best teacher has been life, learning and growing from each experience.  Compassion, love and forgiveness soon became her best friends and her destiny to share her empathy and gentle nature with the world became evident the first time she held a deck of tarot cards in her hands over 25 years ago. 


Michelle is a transformational leader, healer, empath, channel, and guide here to help and support people through the process of healing themselves and help them, bring their magic to those blessed enough to cross their paths. It is her belief that joy, peace, freedom and world harmony begin with the self, our individual connections, relationships and communication.  Clearly she was a hippy in a past life and while some say she still wears those rose tinted glasses, Michelle insists on always seeing the best in everyone she meets and her willingness to believe the kindness in us all, makes her a considerate listener and heart centered advisor. Combining her life experiences and finely tuned intuition, she works with those searching for answers or guidance on their own quest to heal and better themselves. 


Michelle believes that you can start your journey to your unique path of Divine wholeness at any stage in your life but whenever the opportunity arises to work with children, her heart sings. She has run several crystal healing workshops with young ones ranging from ages 3 to 15 years and truly loves being part of those first magical steps. 

With a thirst for knowledge, she continues to study and explore the wonderful holistic world with a keen interest in Psychology, Spiritual/Channelled Art, the Feminine Divine, Power of Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction, Past Life Regression and most recently learning to heal through sound and training as a Angelic Harmony Practitioner.

Tricia Fernandes

Disco Diva

Change Maker

Reiki Superhero

 As many who have met her will attest, Tricia is a fantastic human being with a unique personality and a truly unconventional outlook on life. She is firmly committed to making a positive contribution to the world through healing, coaching and teaching in order to facilitate change on a global scale, one person at a time. Her mission is to help people discover and express their true selves and live authentic lives, healing emotional traumas and wounds in the process. Tricia is motivated by challenging societal norms, encouraging new ways of being, and empowering people to create lives that are in line with their own core values and beliefs, rather than living ‘blueprint’ lives that have been established by society for generations. She believes that everyone has their own personal mission in life and her job is to either help those who want to discover their mission, or support people who are already on the path to realising their life purpose

Tricia is an Alumni of Animas Coaching with over 16yrs of coaching experience. She specialises in working with clients who have either reached a turning point in their lives and/or are looking for a change of direction. Her clients have described her coaching style as creative, experimental, challenging, supportive, irreverent, and highly effective. By blending two of her superpowers: a natural empathy with people, and finely tuned intuitive skills, Tricia creates a safe space where clients feel empowered to open up, explore, and overcome challenges in a way that's comfortable yet stretching, and completely unique to them.

Tricia is also fanatically obsessed with the mind/body connection, a theme that runs rampant throughout all her work. By harnessing the power of the mind she helps clients remove blocks from all areas of their lives, introduces new perspectives, and broadens personal horizons and possibilities. More recently she has put her vast knowledge of nutrition to good use by delving into the world of nutritional consultancy, an area that also feeds into her lifelong love of food! In the near future, she will endeavour to fulfil her long-held dream of becoming a witch doctor, by studying herbalism and plant medicine.

Tricia’s diverse skills and interests enable her to intuitively work with clients on an emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual level, offering a truly integrated holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Despite her many mystical qualities, it will perhaps surprise you to learn that she is also universally hated by cats. 


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