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"The process of bringing together aspects of one’s self, body-mind-spirit, at deeper levels of inner knowing, leading towards integration and balance with each aspect having equal importance and value.”


Reiki Seichem Healing


Reiki is love 

Love is wholeness

 Wholeness is balance

 Balance is well being

Well being is freedom from disease


Dr Mikao Usui

Founder of the spiritual healing practice known as Reiki

Reiki Seichem is a gentle method of energy healing that balances and realigns your chakras, bringing healing to physical pain, stress and emotional issues. It removes negative energy blocks, tapping into your physical body, as well as your mental and emotional self. Whether you're looking for a treatment to aid healing of an existing condition or want to de-stress and relax to manage your busy lifestyle and help prevent the onset of illness, Reiki Seichem can be an effective holistic tool to enhance your wellbeing.

Let Reiki remove all that no longer serves you


Reiki for Toddlers to Teens

Reiki Seichem has also been

a helpful aid in the treatment of ADD and ADHD, irritability, hyperactivity and emotional issues.


Check out this article to find out more


Children of all ages can greatly benefit from Reiki Seichem which helps with a wide variety of ailments. This gentle, non-invasive treatment can benefit toddlers to teens in various ways, from its positive impact on anxiety, depression, improving concentration, calming and promoting balance within the body to aiding sleep. 


This can be particularly beneficial when taking a holistic approach to managing stresses that children face, like peer pressure, educational pressure, anxiety, and fear. 

Let Reiki remove all that no longer serves you

Let Reiki remove all that no longer serves you

Let Reiki remove all that no longer serves you


Reiki for Babies & Mums2be

Reiki helps to comfort babies to reduce crying and fussing, aiding with colic, reflux, and constipation, promoting a longer more restful sleep and teething pain.

Mums to be can experience an ease of their nausea & fatigue 



Reiki Seichem is a great way to promote a healthy environment for the developing baby


This ancient healing technique also aids with postnatal recovery and relieves pre-birth symptoms such as :


  • tiredness

  • low back pain

  • morning sickness

  • mood changes

  • high blood pressure

  • stress

Let Reiki remove all that no longer serves you


Reiki for Animals & Pets

Treat your pet to a calming Reiki Seichem session!

Reiki helps balance out emotions such as fear, anxiety, depression and other behavioural based issues.

Aids in strengthening the immune system

Accelerate your pets own healing processes 


Ease their pain 


Reduce stress and help improve their quality of life.


Most commonly used to accelerate healing of wounds, trauma, sprains and debilitating conditions, delay the onset and progression of diseases, soothe stressed or hyperactive animals, help to alleviate depression and lethargy, assist animals to adjust to new environments and surroundings, and re-energise older animals. Whatever your pets particular needs, Reiki Seichem can provide comfort, helping to rebalance  them to lead content happy lives. 


Crystal Healing




Used for thousands of years as a healing aid, different types of crystals are thought to have their own individual healing frequency and by simply holding and being near these crystals they can affect our own energies on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. During the treatment crystals are placed on  and / or around the body which helps to unblock, balance and direct energy where it is needed most, gently supporting the body to heal in a therapeutic way and bringing our energies back into harmony.

Offers relief from aches and pains, more energy, detoxification, restful sleep, stress, aids calmness and clarity, as well as a release of "old" emotions, and sense of wellbeing and balance.

Combining the ancient healing treatment of Reiki with crystals can enhance, speed up and strengthen both therapeutic techniques with significant results. Crystal Reiki Healing balances Chakras, the Aura, Mental & Emotional bodies, transmutes anger, fear, sadness, guilt, shame and much more. See Crystal Healing or Reiki for more information.