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Tricia Is An Excellent Coach!

Tricia is an excellent coach. She put me at my ease immediately and her challenges were fair. She has a non threatening assertive technique. Her tasks for completion were relevant and stress free and her visualisation techniques were very good. No hesitation in recommending her.

Gill - France

Michelle's Reading Blew My Mind!

Michelle's reading blew my mind! She told me things she couldn't possibly have known and helped me gain the closure I had been seeking for years. Will definitely book again and would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.  

Chris - Hammersmith

She Gave Me Clarity On Things That I Had Been Struggling With For Months

I immediately felt comfortable with Tricia doing my reading. Details she provided and could not have known were accurate.  She also gave me clarity on things that I had been struggling to understand for months, and direction, as well as increased self-awareness going forward. It was a lovely and useful reading, thanks Tricia!

KY - Fulham

An extremely talented woman whom I will not hesitate to contact if I need guidance.

I have been fortunate to have had a reading with Tricia, her understanding of you and the situations within your life, the direction and accuracy of who you are, and the dreams you have are second to none. An extremely talented woman whom I will not hesitate to contact if I need guidance.

Alice - London

She is an observant, intuitive practitioner,  I would especially recommend to anyone who is new to crystal therapy.

Michelle was very good at explaining the process prior to the treatment. She is an observant and intuitive practitioner, who I would especially recommend to anyone who is new to crystal therapy. After the treatment which I found quite calming, I was given time to reflect on the process. Michelle was very understanding in discussing any visualisations we experienced throughout the process, and how I could take this forward to benefit me in my day to day life.

Pali - London

You Are Compassionate, Sensitive and Your Insight Is Truly Gift.

Michelle your readings are wonderful and thorough with lots of detail. You are compassionate, sensitive and your insight is truly a gift. I will definitely have another reading xx.

Jo - Central London

Tricia's Reading Was Literally The Turning Point In My Life!

I remember feeling quite lost in my life but knowing that there was more I still had to offer and achieve. I just didn’t know what it was or where to start. I asked Tricia for a reading for some further insights as I love her spiritual aura and her very grounded and supportive personality which initially drew me to her. I felt a great connection with her. Tricia’s reading was literally the turning point of my life! She uncovered a secret belief I had suppressed, which was that I could work for myself and make it in the business world. Tricia’s reading was the catalyst to the next phase of my life journey that would see me initiating the beginning of the end of my 20 that year corporate career, the start-up of my new Style Coaching™ business, ‘The Chic Stylist’ and fulfilling my gift to transform lives by helping individuals to exude confidence, presence and their best, authentic self through a beautiful new appearance.  I am happy to say that I am making great progress building my new business and that without Tricia’s guidance, support and encouragement, I would never have acted upon making my dreams come true. Tricia was extremely generous with her time, encouraging me to ask questions which she answered to my absolute satisfaction. I recommend you get a psychic reading from Tricia if you also want to discover more about yourself or others around you and want that million-dollar question answered.

Julie - 'The Chic Stylist'

She's The Real Deal!

I had a reading from Michelle, and from her findings I can tell that she definitely connects with guides, she is the real deal! She nailed quite a few things and her translation and narration were delivered succinctly and thoughtfully with kindness and amazing sensitivity. The reading was packed with information, and was so good that I booked again and would highly recommend her.


Kay - North West London

Since My Coaching Sessions With Tricia I Have Definitely Grown As A Person.

I have been receiving coaching from Tricia for the last 7 months and recommend her 100%. Tricia has helped me explore the reasons behind my feelings, helped me face my past issues and 

deal with the emotional attachment to those feelings, as well as helping me find a way to believe in myself and what I am 

capable of. Since my coaching sessions with Tricia I have defini-tely growas a person, my confidence levels have improved and issues of the past have been resolved.

Julie - Harrow

An Excellent Medium Who Is Always My First Call If I should Need A Reading.

I have had the privilege of having various different interactions with Michelle, my first experience was a reading that she did for me and the information was not just spot on but some situations that she also told me about had come true. An excellent medium who is always my first call if I should need a reading. I have also had Crystal and Reiki healing from Michelle each having different effects and for different reasons; I had my Crystal Healing for some emotional issues which helped me discover some feelings that I had been hiding and I had some Reiki Healing for a shoulder injury which helped immensely. Michelle also connected with my loved ones that have passed over, one in particular being my dad, and she had no way of knowing the information she gave me but it was spot on! I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone I meet as she is simply amazing and extremely talented at what she does.

Aly - London

If you are contemplating whether to have your tarot cards read, I would definitely recommend it and say to you go for it

I had my cards read by Tricia when I was at a crossroads in life. I was made redundant but was also feeling as if my life had not really progressed in the way I'd hoped. Tricia told me to do what I've always wanted to do and that a new relationship was on the horizon. For me that was enough to feel confident in my choices, and strangely it felt like a weight had been taken off my shoulders. It was a push in the right direction, an extra confidence boost, that resulted in a complete career change which I didn't think would be possible, and I met someone special a few months after my reading. I learned from this experience that you can make things happen in your life but sometimes you just need that extra push and reassurance and that's what Tricia's reading did for me. If you are contemplating whether to have your tarot cards read, I would definitely recommend it say say go for it! Not only is it a fun way to learn about yourself but you will be amazed to see how the cards move for you!

Yuki - London

I thank the universe that such a special genuine person has come into our world!

Instantly when I met Michelle and had my first interaction, I could just feel the connection with her.  I felt she knew me and I'm very blessed that she has come into our world. Michelle is simply wonderful; she is kind, friendly, approachable, caring, and positive. The guidance I have received from her, from the guides and spirits was great and accurate which helped me relax and focused my mindset to be positive about my life goals and outcomes. During our sessions, I feel that Michelle is so tuned into me, and knows so much about my life journey and where my path is leading. She has given me hope, and definitely reduced my stress levels. Michelle has supported me and my family beyond expectations; she always has gone the extra mile. I thank the universe that such a special genuine person has come into our world and I know my connection with Michelle will last a lifetime.

Sunita - Harrow

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